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    Image Courtesy of Norse?Projects


    Tech Gear

    Words by Bridget?Barnett

    New Balance’s X-Racer sneakers panelled with tear-resistant Cordura, Save the Duck’s waterproof Iconex GORE-TEX shell jacket and Aztech Mountain’s puffer vest made with nylon quilting and Primaloft Gold insulation.

    What do these three things have in common? Using innovative materials, they all fall under the category of hyper-technological menswear – and it’s giving fashion a fresh face and?feel.

    Images Courtesy of LOEWE

    While this category isn’t exactly anything new (Supreme and The North Face have been collaborating for over 12 years), it’s one that has really come into its own in recent seasons, spilling from streetwear into the luxury arena (cue the Eye/LOEWE/Nature collection, fleece jumpers and Acne Studios puffy quilted?jackets).

    Once upon a time, these utilitarian styles may have been reserved for a hike in the mountains or a trip to Iceland, but by now, the trend has become heavily incorporated into everyday aesthetics: a padded vest thrown over a suit on the work commute; a nylon tracksuit at a?party.

    Images Courtesy of nanamica

    And why not? High-tech gear is both comfortable and functional, built to weather more than just a couple of seasons. So, who knows – perhaps cocooning ourselves in GORE-TEX might just be more practical than a two-year stockpile of toilet?paper.

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