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    Image by Harold de Puymorin, via?NCDA


    Add these into your wind-down?routine

    Words by Bridget?Barnett

    While we all know one’s environment plays a large part in better sleep and restful, restorative moments, a lot of us don’t quite know how to nail?it.

    The experts will tell you that your space should feel like a sanctuary, and to achieve that you need to ensure that it engages all five of your senses: touch, taste, sight, smell and?sound.

    The good news — it’s not as daunting as it sounds. Tick off one essential from each of the five categories below and you’ll be well on your way to creating your own blissful?bubble.

    1. TOUCH

    Image Courtesy of FRETTE

    From crisp, cooling sheets to soft, textured textiles and silky pyjamas – engage your sense of touch with delicate?fabrics.

    2. TASTE

    Image Courtesy of Fortnum?&?Mason

    Indulge your sense of taste with sugar-free treats, including plenty of sleep-inducing tea. Bonus points for making the ritual of drinking it a calming practice in?itself.

    3. SMELL

    Image Courtesy of Jo?Malone

    While scents of vanilla, lavender and rosemary are proven to reduce stress, most lightly scented aromatherapy candles and diffusers are infused with calming notes. Avoid citrus, peppermint and jasmine which have stimulatory?effects.

    4. SIGHT

    Image Courtesy of?L’OBJET

    Bright lights, be gone — it’s all about gentle “mood” lighting (if any at all) to set the scene for sleep. When it comes to colour, calming shades of sky blue, sage grey and crisp white should do the?trick.

    5. SOUND

    Image Courtesy of?SONY

    Whether you’re in the camp of cancelling out noise completely, or prefer using an app to recreate the soothing crackle of fire, tapping into your sense of sound in the modern age is all about tech?gadgets.

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